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A French soldier in KFOR is jerking off in PUBLIC (Video) +18 only

French soldier KFOR Kosovo jerking offKFOR or Kosovo FORCE is multinational forces which are responsible for the peace and security in the rogue Serbian province of Kosovo. In KFOR there are soldiers from many countries including USA, France, Great Britain, Germany, Poland and Ukraine.
In the last 10 years while Kosovo was under the KFOR protection and the province gets some improvements, although there are lot of small troubles like killings, house burning and some elements of ethnical cleansing.
Instead of keeping the peace French soldiers are sitting in their vehicles and jerking off. The following video is a proof that multinational forces in Kosovo are masturbating instead to keep the peace. Every state official (including soldiers) which is sent in the foreign country is representing his country in that foreign state. So it is interesting how these soldiers are representing France in Kosovo and Serbia.
This is happening in Mitrovica which is the one of the most troubled spots in Kosovo. Mitrovica is divided by the river on Albanian and Serbian part. This video is shot by Serbian amateur boy with a cheap camera in the Serbian part of the city. The boy is commenting (while he takes this video) on Serbian that this video is going straight on YouTube.
The Serbian media is already commenting that “Serbs are dying and KFOR is jerking off”, and the Serbian national representative in Kosovska Mitrovica (the full name of this Kosovo city) commented that this is the worst humiliation for the Serbians in the city.
We are not judging that harsh like the officials because the 5-6 hours shifts in the foreign city like Mitrovica in Kosovo can be very boring. Probably some good looking baby pass near the military vehicle and the young healthy French soldier just took a chance to give him some interesting relief.
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