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America Is Preparing For Cyber War

cyber warNSA Director Keith Alexander, 3 stars general is expected to be named for the new head of the newly formed Cyber Command. He is not satisfied of the possibilities of the momentary defense structure when it comes to the cyber security, so the new command is necessary.

The CyberCommand is founded recently and the new command will be located in Maryland at Fort Meade. The process of full completing of the CyberCommand should be done in 2010 and after that the new command should be the biggest and most respectable digital force.
American Cyber Command
Cyber Attack
On the other site of the world in the North Korea (the country that America successfully manages to build a condition of cold war for a long time) are founded cyber patrols. South Korea thinks that this cyber patrol have been made to attack North Koreans and Americans cyber networks with special accent on the military cyber networks.
Although North Korea is a world famous like a country with very low cyber development (if there exist any) South Korea and America are very concern, and they are taking this very seriously.
From now we can predict that will be the first cyber mission of the General Alexander if Defense Secretary Robert Gates nominate him to head of the new CyberCommand.

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman