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Oh-No, I am broke again!

bankruptSo you are broke again. You are fired from that job on the last floor of the company building. The company after 6 years finally realized that you are doing nothing but playing golf with the other vice-presidents and now you are out on the job market again.
Your stocks are on the lowest position within this 3 years, your condo is worth a little more than your Bentley Continental. And when we mentioned the Bentley it is worth half of the price you bought last year. So the question is how to pay for the bills?
There are specialized companies founded just for the people like you. The people, who are going a few classes down, now can call these companies and you are ready for slow sellout. These companies will start with your jewelry, art pieces, home ware and the cars.
Your consumer electronic has no worth.

WC-NEWS has a few advices for you!

  1. Start the process before you got really broke. The vultures from this kind of companies can smell exactly how much you have in your pocket. Their offers will be better if they can’t smell some money in your pocket or purse.
  2. Find at least 3 companies who like to earn from your misery. It is always good to have an alternative.
  3. Before you make a decision for selling, visit the shops where you bought your Tiffany or Cartier jewelry or watch and ask for the price.
  4. You can make a casual style offer to your friends. Do not explain your position.
  5. Have some international friends? Make some oversea connections and ask them if there are interested to start with the new business. A second hand luxury store. Send them your stuff and take the money.

Good luck

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall