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That’s what we call support. Topless girls marching in Manchester!

Group of beautiful girls marched through the Manchester Exchange Square wearing boots, tight trousers and nothing else! Their topless march was organized by artist Fanny Gogh as a part of a campaign for support of the British Armed Forces and their families. The topless models with their march were

“The mafia in Bulgaria can decide when it should rain…!”

What are the chances the same winning numbers to be picked again by a lottery machine. You don’t have to expert to know that the chances are almost impossible. According the mathematicians it would be 1 : 4 000 000! But what are the chances the same winning numbers to be picked two times in […]

Shooting for the film “The Hobbit” will be soon!

After the goblins from the New Line Cinema tried to steal at least $150 millions from the J.R.R. Tolkien heirs, they reached a settlement over the payments from the movies based on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The settlement was very easy for reaching because trilogy earned 8 billions of US dollars. We do

Fake reality show – 9 models filmed naked for 2 months!

Nine young girls from 16 to 24 all models looking for popularity had responded to an ad searching for contestants for the new reality show “Someone is watching you”. After they had signed a contract that they could have no contact with outside world or with their families they were accommodated to a luxury

Oliver Stone – Venezuela is the underdog to the United States

There are new presidents and new governments in South America. These presidents are the face of their countries. They are football players, they are farmers and they are workers. Some of them like Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez are born in the mud huts (green houses) and they really know what the needs of the

Spurned woman selling her husband Porsche dirty cheap

Angry wife, who caught her husband cheating on her with a barely 17 year-old babysitter in his new Porsche, have decided to take a revenge and to hit him to the place that she thought will hurt him the most! The spurned woman, from Solihull, England, put the Porsche on internet for only 2000 pounds […]

Hey mom, guess where I am?

During the biggest campaign against driving under the influence (DUI) you have to call to your mother to tell her that you are in jail for driving under the influence. Can you imagine her reaction? In Utah there is a “one call” campaign for DUI, using slogan like: “Getting a DUI is easy, calling your […]

Police woman suspended for having sex in police station

Police woman from UK has been suspended for allegedly having sex with a stranger in the police station. Kim Bedford, 43, single mom after she just met a man in the pub she have taken the man back in the police station where she was working and they were having sex on the table.

Illiterate wolves have broke the law is Switzerland

Tree illiterate wolves have broke the law is Switzerland daring to kill more than 40 sheep in the Swiss cantons although the law is very clear and allowing them to kill only 35 sheep in 4 months, and maximum 25 sheep in 1 month for unprotected sheep and only 15 for protected sheep!

The Simpsons are going to Africa

The most popular animated series The Simpson for the first time will be broadcasting in Africa. For that purpose the America’s best known animated family will have new image and some cultural transformations. An advertising agency from Angola in order to make The Simpsons closer to the people in Africa, they

A ship with 1,600 tonnes of rubbish has travelled the world – twice

After unsuccessful attempt of the British government to “pump” Brazilians with very quality almost recyclable British garbage, they got the ship back with 1 600 tonnes garbage! What really happened? The Brazilian government had approved to receive from UK, 1 600 tonnes

Sleepwalker survives after he fell from a fourth floor

Marius Purcariu, a 32 years-old guy from Romania, survives after he fell from fourth floor window during his sleep walk! He was found wrapped in a curtain “crashed” on a car parked right under the bathroom window from where he fell. For the local mediums he said that he doesn’t remember how he got there:”I […]