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The little green ones love oceans

Back to Soviet times, the Russian navy forms a special navy group for collecting reports of unexplained incidents with the submarines and military ships. The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov. The most records they have collected were connected with UFO. The former navy

Two New Mozart pieces discovered by Mozarteum Foundation

An Austrians foundation known as The International Mozarteum Foundation discovered two new master pieces previous unknown works of the most famous Austrian compositor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! The International Mozarteum Foundation declined to give any more information about it. As they said more

Watermelon with a pyramid shape

It’s not very hard to guess where you can find pyramid shaped watermelons. If your answer is Japan than you are right. Few years ago Japanese start producing square watermelons because oval form of the watermelon is very difficult to stack. The experiment was successful and now they are producing

You can have a piece of The Watergate

No, we are not talking about the secret documents from the Watergate scandal but about the Hotel Watergate that become world famous after that affair. The Hotel and everything in the hotel is going on auction! The Watergate Hotel was closed in 2007 after the owners run out of money during a lawsuit with

EU regulations for Vegetable for Eating or for Sex Fetish Games!

If by any case this happen in the good old USA probably the politicians will be hunted and killed like dogs, but believe or not this is a everyday job for the hundreds of bureaucrats in the European Union administrative center- Brussels. In the European Union there are standards how the

If you can’t defend what’s yours, what you are doing on Earth!

If you are robber and you want quick money where do you go? Well…you are looking for old neighbors to rob them. A piece of cake! At lease that was thinking Gregory McCalium a 24 year-old robber. He broke into the home of Frank Corti, 72 year-old pensioner and he was threatening him with a […]

Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer! Special WC News report!

Sewers are very cozy places for living and developing of many spices. The temperature is never too high or too low. The water is warm and rich with organic stuff, so many creatures are finding sewers a great place to live at least in the first stage of development. WC-News agency is continuing with using […]

Flintstones were playing flute – For Real!

When we’ve got this information we immediately start enjoying more of sound of the flute! 35 000 years ago, in the Stone Age, humans were doing Stone Age jams and guess what, they were playing a flute! In Germany during an archeological work, archaeologists say they’ve discovered a flute 35 000

The Police was chasing in San Francisco a baby sea lion!

A little sea lion strayed on the streets of San Francisco was “walking” along California freeway. The baby sea lion apparently left the San Francisco Bay and it stuck on the freeway, right into rush hour traffic. The drivers in San Francisco was shocked when on the freeway was walking a little baby sea lion […]

4 year-old-kid hit by a car in weird car accident in Turkey! (Video)

The whole case was filmed by the security camera. The 4 year kid on the street in Sanliurfa, Turkey gets hit by the car. The kid is unharmed and can be seen standing up and going out of the camera angle with crying. Later his father informs the officials that his son is not harmed […]

Invisible phantom is slapping people in Sacramento!

Cathy Orange from Sacramento, while she was waiting for the light rail she was slapped in the face by invisible force. Her friend Michelle Banta claims she was once pushed at the same area. The police can’t do anything about it so the case is in the hands of experts for abnormal phenomenon.

New mass trend in Russia. Women are raping men!

No so long from the rape of the female hairdresser from Kaluga (a thief was raped by a female hairdresser 3 days in the row. Here you can’t read more), a lot of men start reporting in police station a rape! These days all information agencies have reported about new very weird rape in Russia. […]