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Vampire driver bite a pedestrian – Count Dracula is waiting?!

Slow pedestrians always make the drivers nervous and angry. But for the recently Romanian case we have something more to inform. A driver pissed off by the pedestrian who were crossing the street very slowly, get out of the car and simply bite the pedestrian. The victim of this unusual

If you find a Snake at your working place who you going to call?

Did you ever have a Snake at your working place? And if you do, who you going to call? 911? But what if you are police officer? This just happened to the police forces from the Police station in the Gerihun town in Sierra Leone. Not one but more than 400 snakes had occupied this […]

14 years old schoolboy survive direct hit by a meteorite!

A 14 years old schoolboy from Germany, Gerrit Blank, survive direct hit by a meteorite travelling at nearly 50,000 kilometers per hour (30,000mph). He was going to school when he notes a “red light ball” falling from the sky, heading straight towards him. The red hot, pea-sized piece of meteorite hit his hand

WC News discovers! How the Somalia pirates drama have started?!?

Sacha Baron Cohen (British comedian and Golden Globe-winning actor most noted for his comic characters Ali G, Borat a Kazakh reporter and Bruno a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter) wrote a script for a new comedy. After his big success with “Borat” the comedy about the journalist from

30 feet long crocodiles in South Florida

In the past few months there are some unusual reports about the crocodiles and alligators on the wetlands and seashores of Florida. In this subtropical and on the south a real tropical state the number of the crocodiles has never been large. The American Institute for crocodilians (crocodilians is the term for both

Greeks are promising an “unforgettable” tourist offer!

Greek tourist industry in collapse is desperately looking for a way to get on the legs again. But until on the knees the Greek National Tourist Association have an idea how to lure more tourists this year. The idea is not very original. The Greeks are doing the same for the tourists every year, but […]

French Special Elite Forces for Very Special Operation

Only the best French soldiers can apply to the Special Elite Forces – SPHP (Service de Protection des Hautes Personnalités ) after many years approving themselves like the best of the best. And even than there is no guarantee that they will be accepted in SPHP.

New giant jellyfish crop circle appeared in England (Video)

A big circle of a jellyfish has appeared on farmland overnight. Sally Ann Spence and husband Bill, who own Berry Croft Farm said it is not the first time crop circles have appeared on their farm but this 250m-long jellyfish crop circle is one of the most spectacular. Some argue that crop circles are the […]

Suitcases made from cocaine

Young Argentine woman was arrested by Chilean police. She was trying to transport up to 15 kilograms cocaine at the Santiago international airport. She was carrying two black suitcases made of a mixture of the drug and plastic that each exceeded 20 kilos (44 pounds) in weight. A chemical test revealed that the

Yahoo Had Rented 100 Goats, Google Rents 200 Goats

WC News story this time came from Google. As they are saying in their Official Google Blog the reason they rent the goats is because they want to clear weeds and brushes to reduce fire hazard and they doesn’t want to use noisy mowers that run on gasoline and pollute the air.

Costa Luminosa – The Sailing Building

When we are talking about the luxury than the word recession can’t be in the same sentence. The prove have an Italian name Costa Luminosa, the building that can actually sail and not just sail but sail with a style! This ship is long 292 meters (960 feet) and “deep” 450 million Euros (around 600 […]

His dream come truth – Hired to impregnate a neighbors wife!

Demetrius Copulas (by the way his name means copulation, which we find very ironic); a naturalized German of Greek origin hired his neighbor Frank Maus to make his wife pregnant. Demetrius and his wife Trauta (former Miss Greece) after a few years trying to have a baby realized that Demetrius is sterile.