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The most safe pocket memory – PPS8100 Personal Pocket Safe

If you are working in a project and you need to transfer your data between few computers and you need to keep it confidential or simply you are paranoiac, now there is solution for you! Take PPS8100 Personal Pocket Safe USB Flash Drive is a flash drive with all kind of security features

Nokia Notebook – Booklet 3G

Nokia is satisfied with the top position among the mobile phones manufacturers. Now Nokia is aiming a Netbook and Notebook market and they plan to make a big entry with a style. The new windows based Netbook is a stylish Booklet 3G. Nokia Booklet 3G looks like an Apple notebook but there is a PC […]

The most powerful gaming lap top so far?

American company from New Jersey, Maingear Computers claims that they have the most powerful gaming lap top on the market today! The name of this gaming machine or desktop replacement is eX-L 18 and have impressive 18, 4 inches LCD with also very impressive resolution of 1920×1080. The heart is

Microsoft goes in the kitchen

There are photos of the new line of Microsoft products. It is not some new software, game or IT appliance, but simple toaster. One of the toasters had a Dynamics logo but it is burning the Microsoft logo on the bread. The commentators already have understanding for this due to the well known typical

USB flash drive with 256 GB! Because the size does matter!

The Kingston company is the first company in the world that launch USB memory stick with this size. If you are not some hi-tech fan and to you Kb, MB, GB are just some strange marketing symbols we will try to explain very plastic what does it mean! USB flash drive with 256 GB is […]

Fujifilm 3D digital camera very soon on the market!

Fujifilm for some time is talking about their new 3D camera for commercial use but we didn’t know anything more about it. They will show all their “cards” very soon, because the new 3D digital camera by Fujifilm will be on the market in September! As we found out the price will be $600 which […]

With united forces to more than just a Smartphone!

The world’s largest chip maker Intel and the world’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia announce “long-term strategic partnership” to create an open standard for a new mobile computing platform built upon Linux-based operating systems. This long term partnership between these giants is not

Spaceport in the New Mexico

If you build he will come! There was a movie in which this sentence was in the mind of Kevin Costner who was playing the role of the leading character. The movie was Field of Dreams. And character played by Mr. Costner was ‘forced’ to build a baseball court. The same story is now repeating […]

Revolutionary laundry machine: A cup of water for clean cloths

We are washing our cloths almost on a daily basis. The quantity of the water used for this purpose is enormous. That was the good reason for the researchers from the Leeds University in Britain to think about this problem and to search for the solutions. They come up with the washing machine

Xbox better than USAF pilot academy!

Your pilots are no better than my 12 year old son. He can handle an unmanned aircraft better than your pilots which are spending a years in USAF pilot academy. These are common words which are spoken during the conversations between Pentagon officials and the heads of the United States Air Forces.

“New” iPhone 3G S

John Lennon was singing – All we need is love, and most of the people around the world are screaming – All we need is to make a phone call and send a SMS. If you are one of this people do not read anymore. If by any case you need more features from your […]

PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop for kids

PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop is a computer built for kids on the ages 3-10. The PeeWee Pivot PC is an Intel-powered Classmate PC (1.6GHz Intel Atom processor) with a spill-resistant keyboard and a drop-resistant casing, tested at 50 cm. However, if you ask any parents they will tell you that even atomic