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Booo! Great compilation of funny scary moments! (Videos)

Great compilation of scary moments, but don’t worry, you will be laughing all the time! Its weekend and we was thinking what is the best way to start a weekend. We all agree in WC News, the best way is to start with a Smile, Be Positive, and have Positive Thoughts! These videos will help […]

Forrest Gump, SSSR and United Arabian Emirates (3 videos)

Forrest Gump, SSSR and United Arabian Emirates. Sounds funny? It is 🙂 But what they have in common? Well…they are all amazing dancers, hmm…almost all! Let’s Dance. 3 super dance videos. Enjoy! 🙂 We are sure that you still remember Forrest Gump and the scene where he is jogging.

New giant jellyfish crop circle appeared in England (Video)

A big circle of a jellyfish has appeared on farmland overnight. Sally Ann Spence and husband Bill, who own Berry Croft Farm said it is not the first time crop circles have appeared on their farm but this 250m-long jellyfish crop circle is one of the most spectacular. Some argue that crop circles are the […]

4 years old girl playing with crocodiles (Video)

Four years old Margarita from Saint-Petersburg, Russia is playing with 2 crocodiles, sitting on their backs, pulling their tails… From the birth she is raised with a two predators that arrived in their home two week before the girl was born.

Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Dog. The best friends (video)

No comment…Just watch this amazing and funny video! 🙂