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David Beckham goes east to Hungary

David BeckhamWe must confess that David Beckham have a good taste when he is choosing his woman. The last beauty in the long list is the Hungarian model Mariann Fogarassy. David Beckham and this Hungarian bombshell meet each other at the football game between AC Milan and the selection of the Hungarian football stars in Budapest, Hungary. Mariann Fogarassy as she is claiming, was not very impressed by his conversations and appearance, but after somebody told her that he is David Beckham and he have several hundred million dollars on his account she immediately start to pay more attention to him.
She put her eastern education and charm to work and the result of this was the Beckham invitation for a private party in Italy.
She continues her story with some spicy details about the private and very intimate dinner with him in Italy.
The Italian Riviera was somehow like a spice for both of us. We had long quiet moments without saying anything. We were just staring in each other eyes. His deep eyes are like a magic lake. There are no women which can resist.
Mariann Fogarassy topless
Mariann Fogarassy
Sexy Blonde Mariann Fogarassy
Later in the deep night after the hot and passionate moments in the bedroom we went to the sea for a swimming. The sun catch us hugged on the beach.
At the other side David Beckham’s spokesman is claiming that Mariann Fogarassy is just another no name model who is screaming for a bit of publicity.
David Beckham is claiming that he is living only for his Victoria.

For WC News from Milano, Italy,
Anna Maria Lombardi