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Diplomatic immunity > Do the crime and walk out free

Hot babe and a snakeLONDON (WC NEWS) — Diplomatic immunity can be a pain in the ass if a diplomat send to your country is “chiseling little crook”. This was the phrase which Ken Livingstone used for Robert Tuttle. Ken is the former Mayor of London and Robert was United States of America ambassador in the United Kingdom.
The whole problem between a U.S. ambassador and the London Mayor was the refusal of this U.S. highest diplomatic figure (in U.K.) to pay for a congestion charge. This charge is a daily tariff of 8 pounds ($13), which need to be paid if you like to drive through central London. This charge is mandatory only during the business hours. The problem is that foreign diplomats in the United Kingdom are claiming that this is taxes (which exempt them from paying) and not a toll.
Since 2005 US diplomats posted in Britain made a debt of more than 27 million British pounds which is more than 45 million US dollars. 5 million dollars or 3 million pounds are for the congestion charge fees.
Other diplomats charged for the abusing of the diplomatic immunity are from Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria and Greece.
They did the following crimes:

  • Kazakhstan diplomats had more than 528 fines for parking tickets, traffic violations and drug use.
  • Russian diplomats were constantly doing illegal imports of vodka and beluga caviar.
  • Serbian diplomats for eating an unpaid food and shop lifting in the supermarkets and smaller food stores.
  • A Greek diplomat for shoplifting in the Sex Shop (he was caught stealing a dildo and bondage toys).

The Libyan and Saudi diplomats owe more than 34.000 and 40.000 pounds respectively.
More than 100 unpaid tickets had Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Turkey, China and Georgia.
Belgium and Poland are the best with only 1,600 pounds and 2,000 pounds unpaid fines.
Greece and Russia are in the middle with 94 and 75 unpaid fines.
The most bizarre crime done by the diplomatic passport holder was the stealing a lifeboat from the ocean liner and selling to the French fisherman.
This incident was done by Bulgarian diplomat.

From London for WC News,
Dan Dare