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Erotic Photo Scandal with Miss Russia 2009 in main role!

Sophia Rudyeva is new Miss Russia 2009A big erotic photo scandal! This time involved party is the new Miss of Russia. Sophia Rudyeva becomes Miss of Russia after she won in the competition of 49 girls. But no so long after she got the title Miss of Russia, the global internet network was overflowed with her naked erotic photos.
Her erotic photos were available on line for a long time before, for viewing for a fee, but after she won the competition and become very popular her erotic photos are available for free. Sadly, but now her title, Miss of Russia is being putted in question.

Miss Russia 2009

Another fact was revealed. The new Miss of Russia, Sophia Rudyeva just turns 18! Now the question is how old she has been when those erotic photos were taken?!
However we don’t see anything bad in these photos and we support Sophia in her fight to keep her crown! Firstly this is not pornographic material, second she is Gorgeous and after all this is beauty competition and nothing can beat the fact that she was chosen for Miss of Russia from 49 incredible beautiful girls. Third, they are all models and they are all walking on the ramp wearing some clothes designed by some guy, and those “clothes” are more reveling than covering their naked bodies but that’s ok, that’s “art”! You can see more nudity on Fashion TV than on some erotic movie from ’80. And fourth, is it a contest of beauty or contest for the best nun?!
We decide to show you some photos so you can decide if all talking about taking her crown is justified!

Sophia Rudyeva
Sophia Rudyeva

Few weeks ago Julia Yalovitsyna from Russia had a bad luck too. She was excluded from Worlds Best Job contest, apparently a porn video with her on it leaked on YouTube. Julia said that she doesn’t have that kind of porn video! And even if she does have we do not approve the decision of the production house to expel her from the contest.

Julia Yalovitsyna
Julia Yalovitsyna

“I am shocked! This is not true! I have nothing to do with that!” said Mrs Julia Yalovitsyna, 29.
“There were photographs, but do they change anything? I am not 18 after all. Those images have never appeared on the internet and I have never worked as an online model” she added.

For WC News from Moscow,
Igor Rostotsky