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EU Parliament vote: Naughty girls at the EU Parliament elections

European Parliament electionsIf there is any political organization which is more unorganized than USA it is probably the European Union. There are European Commission, than European Parliament, the board of ministers, the board presidents of the countries – members of EU, etc, etc, etc…
Just try to found something on the web about EU and you will lose the rest of your day. And of course you will not find anything useful. If you have some business with this behemoth administration then – let the force be with you.
This 2009 there are elections for the European Parliament and there is some interesting news from Italy, which is one of the oldest countries in the EU. Silvio Berlusconi, the prime minister of Italy and the TV mogul is looking for some fresh faces for the elections. That is the prime reason why he is accompanied by teenage girls lately.
He is proposing professional showgirls (one of those girls is Barbara Matera, former Miss Italia) for the European parliament, but as we heard his wife kicked his bottom and now he is out of that idea.
The other honey which will run for the seat in the European parliament is Romanian gold daughter Elena Basescu. She is a daughter of Romanian president Traian Basescu. She is notorious by her love life, she works as a model, but also she spends some days in Brussels as a trainee. Trainee for what – we did not have a chance to know. Despite critics from all sides her father is claiming that she is smarter than people thing. In the media she is well known as the Romanian Paris Hilton.
Elena Basescu
Rachida Dati
Gabriele Pauli
Other WAUUUYYYY is Rachida Dati. She is smart, educated (economics and law), she is anything you might had in mind when somebody mention France. As a glamorous girl she was noticed by Nicholas Sarcozy and she got a place in his office while his mandate as the minister for the interior affairs. She becomes a justice minister when Nicholas Sarcozy was elected for the president of France. She gives a birth to a daughter on the beginning of this year, but she is refusing to answer who is the child father. We have some clues but we do not like to share them with you!
But we can also say that president Sarcozy is looking for a new destination for this small family. And the destination will be Brussels!
From the Germany is coming a Gabriele Pauli. She has a very successful political career in Germany but also she is well known by her magazine cover picture where she was posing in the latex gloves, lusty expression and nothing else but Bavarian flag!
But not only are the girls attacking Brussels. The 48 year old Christian Engström, the fighter for the internet web site Pirate Bay. He is also known as the fighter against the government control over the internet. This Swedish mathematician will have a chance to seat and share ideas with a 60 year old cosmonaut from the Czech origin Vladimir Remek. He was the first non-Russian in the space from the former Eastern pact. The four-time winner of the Paris – Dakar rely Ari Vatanen is also going to Brussels. The last but not less important in the representatives of the new European political elite is the heir of the discontinued Italian throne Emanuele Filiberto Umberto Reza Ciro René Maria di Savoia. He is relative to the half of the states heads and he perfectly knows the other half. He speaks five languages and he is raised by his family to become a leader.

For WC News from Brussels,
Kevin Jacobs