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Who start the fire in European Union Commission building?

EU Black smoke were rising from the top of the building but intensity is not that strong as few hours ago, was the comments which our reporter heard when he show up near by the building of the European Commission.
It is a secret for everybody but mostly for the Brussels fire department chief how the fire started in the European Union Commission building.
Our reporter from Brussels digs up the following story.
Apparently the Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia brought some mint gel to the meeting with a Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes.
Instead to have a meeting for the current crises in the European Union, he quickly persuaded them to play with the gel. Because the mint gel has a cold filling on the skin, Jose Manuel turned the heat at the maximum setting. After few hours of playing the all three of them went to have a shower together. The old electric installation which was close to the heating system and poor building standards was a wining combination for making fire.
Jose Manuel Barroso
EU Commission building
The security guards which were alerted by the fire find commissioners in the bathroom and quickly escorted them to the safe distance.
All three of them smelled funny were the comment of the guards which was a starting point for our reporter.
The EU Spokesmen Joseph Hennon neither confirms neither denies this story, but everybody has an order to forget about the fire as quick as possible. The other Commission spokesman Johannes Laitenberger offered us only the official statement and report from the local fire brigade.
The Mint gel sales in Brussels jump for 350%. It is a new way for the young Europeans to show affection and style.

For WC News from Brussels,
Kevin Jacobs