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Gay Penguins, some priests and Survivor reality show

Homosexuality in the animal kingdom In the Bremerhaven zoo is ongoing a gay parent experiment with two male penguins which are a pair for a years. The zoo veterinarians had a problem with an abandoned fertilized egg from other penguins and they did not know what to do with that. In the last moment they come up with an idea to place this fertilized egg in the vicinity of the penguin gay pair. The penguins adopted the egg and they kept it worm until the chick get out of the egg shells.
The gay penguin pair draws an attention a few years ago when the zoo management decides to brought female penguins in the attempt to make a male-female pairs which will start to reproduce. This attempt was unsuccessful because the gay penguins did not give any attention to the female penguins.
The gay penguins in the Bremerhaven zoo become a symbol for the many gay associations in the Europe and is a strong fact that homosexuality is nothing unnatural. The homosexuality in the animal world is a heavy problem for the Catholic Church which positions are that homosexuality is unnatural behavior.
The last comments from the Catholic Church about the Gay penguin pair is that these penguins adopted the homosexuality because they are living an unnatural life in the city zoo. With this kind of comments the Catholic Church is suggesting to the homosexuals to go out in the wilderness to cure from their unnatural behavior.
There are some rumors from the Pontiff office that Vatican will organize a two months camp, which will be something like Survivor reality show for the gay priests. This Survivor camp will take place in the wilderness of South America with a position that the wilderness will cure the unnatural behavior of the growing numbers of catholic gay priests. The gay priests will not be alone in the wilderness. A couple of dozen of Hungarian call girls will accompany them on this two months camp. The Pontiff Office keep this project in the big secrecy and only few close friends of the Pope are working on this project. Our informer also told us that the gay priests will receive forgiveness for their previous unnatural behavior, but also for their actions at the Survivor camp.
Our connection was working as the trainee in the consultant office which was hired to take care for the whole project. He was fired when this company lost the whole contract. He informed us that his company lost the contract in the moment when they suggested the whole survivor project to take place on some of the Greek islands. The Pontiff Office will choose other contractor because the previous one did not understand the whole point of the project.

For WC News from Berlin,
Hannah Goldberg