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Guerilla Marketing! Naked Czech politicians in Croatia!

1931 bugatti royale kellner coupeMr. Mirek Topolanek, the ODS (ODS means Czech Civic Democrat). Chairman is going nude again. Last month when he was caught naked by paparazzo he was guest in the beautiful Berlusconi villa together with some nude girls.
I was thinking a lot about this incident and deeply in myself I find out that I like to be naked and I like people to watch me naked was the comment of Mr. Topolanek for our agency. So I decide to inform the other leaders in my party that we are going naked in the upcoming Czech parliamentary election. Me and the half naked party leaders look pretty good on those jumbo posters.
Mr. Mirek Topolanek and the other party leaders on the posters were secretly working out so they can look good. The goals are the Czech female voters who are increasingly unsatisfied by the Czech males and are going in Croatia to taste some Mediterranean cuisine. This summer more than 800.000 Czech girls will have the real thing in Croatia.
On the posters the Czech females going to the warm Adriatic coast can read Welcome in Croatia and from the poster Mr. Topolanek and the rest of the leaders will smile. On the returning home the Czech tourists will read “It is best at home”. It sounds like a bad promotional ad and we are not convinced that Czech girls will go to believe this.

For WC News, from Split, Croatia
Drazen Krleza