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Institute for cloning on the way to make clone of Bill Clinton!

Bill ClintonThe undisclosed institute for cloning in Argentina which cloning technology is based on the super secrete Nazi cloning technology is on the run for the Monica Lewinsky blue shirt. ACI (Argentinean cloning institute) have an intention to separate the former president Clinton genetic material from the stains on the Monika blue dress and then to bring the material in the state to become acceptable for cloning.
The U.S. secrete service report about this event had ended in the Hilary hands and she hired a private security company to get to the dress before Argentineans do that. Unofficially she hired the best private army in the world, the Black water security company which members are former NAVY seals, former ARMY green berets, former SWAT and other specialists in the art of killing, search and destroy techniques and etc…
Monica Lewinsky and Hilary Clinton
As we hear from her close surrounding she is becoming very angry, because this small problem with her husband never ends.
This scandal which happened in 1997 was just a decent BJ given by Monica to her beloved president and idol. But the media start to blow the whole story inventing the names like Monicagate, Lewinskygate, Tailgate, Zippergate, Sexgate and simply Lewinsky scandal. Finally Bill Clinton had an impeachment by The House of the Representatives.
This blue dress which was bought for $9.99 from the cheap downtown store was sold to internet millionaire Ricky Pittsburgh for an unbelievable $2.6 million.
The other famous dress is the Marilyn Monroe dress which she wore when she were singing “Happy Birthday” in 1962 to President John F. Kennedy. This dress was sold for 1.3 million dollars.
If Clinton family got this dress before the Argentineans do, they have an intention to destroy this famous icon of the American political pop culture from the end of the 20 century.

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman