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McDonald’s going ADULT!? Condom in McDonald’s Not So Happy Meal!

Condom in McDonalds Happy Meal A 7 year old girl which name was not disclosed found a condom in the McDonald’s Happy Meal. This incident happened in the McDonald’s restaurant in the Swiss town of Fribourg.
The mother was stunned by this strange and not very appropriate discovery. For our reporter she made the following statement – Usually we love the McDonald’s surprises, but not this one. I was expecting something like a small toy or something for the small kids can play with. This was more like a happy meal for the adults. I did not know how to explain this toy to my girl. She is definitely not ready to have an explanation for this toy. When my girl found a condom in her fries I called the police. The police of city of Fribourg come at the site within minutes and take the condom for the further investigation.
The strangest issue here is that the officials are worried about the health issues and risks connected with this incident. Nobody is worrying about the moral and social issues.
McDonalds going Adult!?
McDonalds Clown prayers are not helping
This incident is not the only one. Exactly the same happened in the New Zealand city of Wellington in April 2007.
Back than the seven year old Maya went to her favorite McDonald’s restaurant together with her grandparents. She did not find the condom, because her grandmother was unpacking the fries.
-It was the terrible experience! She explained later to the local reporter.
-When I found a green condom in the fries I did not know what to do. I was left numb and speechless.

In the both cases McDonald’s spoke persons failed to explain how the condoms found out the way in the food.
Our only hope is that condoms were not used!

For WC News from Zurich, Swiss,
Adriana Christen