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McDonkeyThe Future Food Trends, a McDonald’s division which is founded only for a research and development of the future trends in the food industry just release a paper which is only for a company use and it is not available for the public use.
We did not put our hands on the whole document but from word of mouth we got some interesting information.
From 2010 McDonalds will start with a few experiments which may end the era of good old McDonalds we know.
These experiments will take place in the restaurants in USA and some of them are going global, which mean that all McDonald’s restaurants in the world will be affected.


One of the global experiments is one with code name McDonkey.
Richard Allen, the head of FFT – Future Food Trends and a leading scientist in this division have a purpose to slightly change the meat which will be served in the McDonalds chain of restaurants.
Now the burgers in the McDonalds are 100% ground beef. His proposal is to add between 7 and 11% of donkey meat. In the study Mr. Allen is defending his proposal with the following facts: donkey meat has less fat than a beef, donkey farms can be setup everywhere including dry areas in Africa and Asia. Donkeys needs less and lower quality food than cows.
In some restaurants McDonalds already start to serve these donkey meat burgers without the knowledge of the customers and until the publishing of this news there are no reports about any complaints from the customers.
According to Mr. Allen if the whole experiment have a positive feedback, no later than 2 years, all Mc Donald’s restaurants in the world will serve a burgers with 25% donkey meat. The quantity of the donkey meat can be up to 75%. In the restaurants out of USA (Asia and Africa) a new McDonkey burger will be offered in the regular offer with a 100% donkey meat in the burger.
The PR from McDonalds denies that any kind of similar document exists and he said “…it is just a big joke! ”

For WC News from New York,
Rachel Dickinson