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North Korea’s first beer advert

North Korea's first beer advertFinlay a proof that people in North Korea are like everywhere in the world.
The proof are this pictures of the first Communist North Korea beer.
In the commercial which is longer more than one minute the narrator is explaining why and who can drink this North Korean beer. In the commercial are mentioned villagers, urban dwellers from the Pyongyang but also the heroes of the North Korea – the Miners.

A North Korean woman works at the Taedonggang Beer factory
A visiting South Korean man tries Taedonggang beer
Taedonggang Beer factory in the North Korean

This first beer commercial. is very important because in the communistic societies the ads are first sign for the democratization.
Now we just need to wait for 6 to 8 years and the North Korean Communist regime will fall apart by itself.

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From North Korean capital Pyongyang for WC News,
Lee Jung-Hyun