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Obama’s speech of surrender in Cairo

President Barrack is a big fun of WC NewsThe world is changing and United States is ready to lose the war. These are the conclusions driven after the Mr. Barrack Obama speech at the University of Cairo. The strangest in these conclusions are not the conclusions, but the people and organization which have them. The conclusions are not coming from the endless numbers of the hardliners in the Muslim world but from the hardliners in America.
Publicly, the military and political organizations in the country are with Mr. Obama, but behind the curtains there are numerous rumors that America is going weaker as the time is passing. We sent a clear message that we can not win the war against the terror is the comment of the unnamed officer in the Obama’s ready room. This speech is sending a message to our troops on the ground that we are going to retreat and accept the situation in Asia and the Middle East. Our boys on the ground are tired of this kind of turn coating every other month. The confusion is in the air. We just do not know for what reason Americans are dying for.
The other military expert is defending Obama’s speech in Cairo. “We know our enemy and we are afraid that we can not win the war this way. When we go to war we need modern weapons, we need air superiority and we need a lot of ice cream. Our solders like to have an air conditioned barracks and play-stations. Our boys born and raised in good old USA are dreaming the American dream. This dream is full of luxury and good life. We just can not fight against an extremist with a rusty AK-47 and the Koran under the head instead of pillow. Our enemies are fighting with outdated weapons produced back in the 1960’s but they do not care about. Their recruits are pouring in Afghanistan and Iraq from all over the Muslim world.”
The Obama speech is like olive branch offered to Islamic world. But is this olive branch just for temporary or for good? Is Mr. Obama learning something what other presidents were not able to learn or understand? Is he stepping out of the concept that American democracy is the best in the world and it is one of the most valuable exports?
There are no people in his administration ready to answer all this questions.
In Cairo he offered a state for the Palestinians, but he did not ask Israel for that. He offered a dialogue but ayatollahs in the mosques and palaces of the Islamic world do not believe in the American presidents speeches anymore.
He politely asked Iran to stop with the development of the nuclear weapons, but he doesn’t like or he can not ask the same from the American allies in the region. The double standards in our foreign policy are the most common reason why Islamic world do not thrust us anymore.
But can America survive without an enemy is the most important question for the administration in Washington. We were building our armed forces and our military industry too long and we were fighting too many wars for our vision of democracy and the free world.
What we are going to do now?

For WC News from New York,
Rachel Dickinson