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Postcard from modern Italy – Hidden charges and overcooked pasta!

Il Passetto downtown RomeAre you planning to visit Italy this summer?
If this is your plan for the summer think twice before you board the plane and fly away.
According to many blogs and tourist forums, Italia is not what it is used to be.
For example Japan pair with an idea for romantic dinner in Rome, the capitol of Italy decides to have the meal in Il Passetto. Il Passetto is the 149 year old traditional Italian restaurant near the popular Piazza Navona square. They were unpleasantly surprised when the waiters come with a check. For a two dishes of macaroni, salad and not so much quality wine there were asked to pay nearly 700 euro or $1000!
To be more precise the bill was 579 euro and the guests were asked for a 115.5 euro for a tip!?

Pasta with lobster
A fraud bill of $980

The polite Japanese pay the bill and then filled a fraud complaint with a Roma police authority. The next day officials shut down the famous downtown restaurant. The business association of city of Rome is asking severe punishments for such cases.
Every year there are fewer tourists in Rome and we need to think not only for this summer but for the next 20 or 30 years was the comment of the city official.

This is not the lonely case. The Italian restaurants are notorious by inventing all kinds of rules just to squeeze more money from the tourists. They do not care for the quality of the food and service, because swarms of tourists are coming to Rome every day. Many of the restaurants are actually telling the tourists how to eat their food. There are signs with a sentence “DO NOT SHARE”?! So if you decide to try your spouse meal you can expect the impolite waiter to scream at you and charge an extra price! And there are popular coperto or cover charge. You will pay this charge if you like to have your meal in the restaurant?! In one particular Italian restaurant the coperto for sitting on the bar is one euro and if you are sitting on the table on the open the coperto or cover charge is 2 euro per person.

From Rome, Italy for WC News,
Bruno Rossi