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Russia Sending Bombardiers in Cuba to Protect USA from Aliens!

Aliens attack As we find out, after USA agree to protects Europe and Russia by installing anti-terrorist (read: anti-aliens) projectiles in Poland, Russia returns the favor by giving US air force support against aliens with their bombardiers in Cuba. Everything is keeping in secret so Aliens can’t find out the plan. Bob Gatez said: “With our techniques and Russian speed, we are now safe from Aliens attack from the air, everywhere!”
We don’t have information if same project is preparing in Asia between China and Japan but till than they are safe because USA Army and NATO troops in Afghanistan are protecting all Asia. North Korea assuring that there is no need for new project for Asia because they are protecting all Asia. The president of North Korea said: “Yes, we can protect all Asia in fact we are covering and half Europe.” These statements of North Korea president provoke overreaction in the parliament in Greece where almost 2 years, the one and only agenda (beside their agenda – “How today can we screw our neighbor Macedonia?”) for debate is this statement. The prime minister of Hellass, with reaction: “North Korea president must clearly declare which half of Europe they are covering. Is it the half Europe where the Greece is located or it is the other half? ”
In France are not very preoccupied with this matter because French soldiers are too busy with other activities.
Unlike France, Germany is taking this treat very seriously. They are considering to forsake the NATO mission in Afghanistan and to bring back in Germany all 6 soldiers from Afghanistan.

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman