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Silvio Berlusconi – I’m not a saint but you already know that!

Silvio Berlusconi - I'm not a saintSilvio Berlusconi is a role model for a millions young Italians and to all young men worldwide. With 72 years behind his back he is one of the richest people in Italia, a successful businessman, manager and politician. Presently he holds the office of the Prime Minister of Italy.

But that is not all. This 72 year old stud is frequent guest on the yellow pages for hot parties with naked participants, teen adventures and the cherry on the cake are the recorded conversation between him and one of the most expensive escort girls in Italia, Patrizia D’Addario.
On the recorded tape Silvio Berlusconi is asking Patrizia D’Addario to wait for him in the bed while he is taking a shower.

Silvio Berlusconi

The most interesting part of the recorded conversation is the following transcript:
Silvio Berlusconi: I’m taking a shower too. And then, then you wait for me on the big bed if you finish before me.
Patrizia D’Addario: Which big bed? Putin’s.
Silvio Berlusconi: Putin’s…
Patrizia D’Addario: Oh, how lovely, the one with the curtains!
According to this record, Silvio had a hot passionate night with the escort girl on the night of American Elections, but also in the middle of the crises with the catastrophic earthquake in central Italy. In the record Silvio is asking the girl for a threesome with other Silvio girlfriend. He told her that they will lick each other.

Patrizia D'Addario
Patrizia D'Addario

It is also interesting that Silvio and Patrizia were using the bed in which Vladimir Putin was sleeping.
How Patrizia know in which bed Putin was sleeping, it is not quite clear?
If we dare to guest we will say that Patrizia were somehow present in the bedroom with Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin.
Patrizia D’Addario is disappointed by Silvio Berlusconi because she was expecting 5.000 euro reward for her time, but he gives a 5 euro turtle for a present. And probably she doesn’t like turtles!

From Milano, Italy for WC News,
Bruno Rossi