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Silvio Berlusconi is the MAN! His party ROCKS!

Silvio BerlusconiAfter these photos nobody can deny that Italian president Silvio Berlusconi have one of the best lives on this planet. For those people who are not familiar with the president of Italy we can just say that he is a combination of Bill Clinton and Hugh Hefner. This Italian president and media mogul have the best of the both worlds. He have a media empire which supplying him with unlimited yang and beautiful girls eager to make a success in the Italian media and show business and are ready to do anything for their dream to become truth. And when we wrote anything we literally mean anything! He is our hero! Seriously!
Silvio Berlusconi
These photos are made on island of Sardinia where Italian President Berlusconi has a holiday home. The paparazzi which shot these pictures first offered them to Italian press, but he did not find anybody brave in this country that has balls to publish them. After a few days of searching for a customer for this extra hot material, he finally find them in other country. The photos were published last Friday in Spain.
The angry Italian president is now preparing to sue the newspaper El Pais for the invasion of privacy.
On the pictures there is a man with erected penis which is recognized as Mirek Topolanek, the current president of the European Union and Czech president.
Silvio Berlusconi had his own comment. The pictures are very innocent. They are representing a dozen of people who have a good time, mainly swimming, sun bathing, and have a refreshments and drinks. On all pictures we are having a conversations and a good time. There is nothing odd about the pictures or the people on them.
The pictures were taking during a party for the Czech delegation from the place which vas out of the villa premises by the 51 year old local photographer Antonello Zappady which also had a statement for our respected news agency.
Silvio Berlusconi Hot Party
Silvio Berlusconi Hot Party
“I made these photos without intentions. I am usually making photos of the birds, sea and mountains for the postcards. I also take pictures of the local houses, churches, old buildings and so on. In the vicinity of the President Berlusconi villa there are excellent local surroundings and some of the best specimens of the rear autochthon flora can be found here. I was surprised by the action in the villa. My hands start to take shots without commands from my head. When I realized that I had Silvio without panties, I went to my good friend in the local radio and he promised me that he will help me with the sale.”
Our hero Antonello now will retire and he will enjoy the rest of his life.
He has an intention to replace the photo camera with a painting brush.

For WC News from Rome,
Anna Maria Lombardi