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London – The Beer Drinking Capital of Europe

There is no other country in the world with a greater pub gathering tradition than London. As a city is one of the most vibrant and exciting on the planet – a real metropolis of people, ideas and frenetic energy. It is also a global capital of culture, music, education, fashion, politics, finance and trade. […]

North Korea’s first beer advert

Finlay a proof that people in North Korea are like everywhere in the world. The proof are this pictures of the first Communist North Korea beer. In the commercial which is longer more than one minute the narrator is explaining why and who can

Hey, where are you going with that face!

Are you talking to me? Move your fat ass and bring me a beer! If you say something like this in Casa Pocho a pub near Venice you will get a beer, for FREE! Bernard Marius and Mihail Lotoski the owners of Casa Pocho came to unique idea. The one, who will say unique insult […]