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EU regulations for Vegetable for Eating or for Sex Fetish Games!

If by any case this happen in the good old USA probably the politicians will be hunted and killed like dogs, but believe or not this is a everyday job for the hundreds of bureaucrats in the European Union administrative center- Brussels. In the European Union there are standards how the

EU Parliament vote: Naughty girls at the EU Parliament elections

If there is any political organization which is more unorganized than USA it is probably the European Union. There are European Commission, than European Parliament, the board of ministers, the board presidents of the countries – members of EU, etc, etc, etc…

Who start the fire in European Union Commission building?

Black smoke were rising from the top of the building but intensity is not that strong as few hours ago, was the comments which our reporter heard when he show up near by the building of the European Commission. It is a secret for everybody but mostly for the Brussels fire department chief how the […]