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Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer! Special WC News report!

Sewers are very cozy places for living and developing of many spices. The temperature is never too high or too low. The water is warm and rich with organic stuff, so many creatures are finding sewers a great place to live at least in the first stage of development. WC-News agency is continuing with using […]

Russia Sending Bombardiers in Cuba to Protect USA from Aliens!

As we find out, after USA agree to protects Europe and Russia by installing anti-terrorist (read: anti-aliens) projectiles in Poland, Russia returns the favor by giving US air force support against aliens with their bombardiers in Cuba. Everything is keeping in secret so Aliens can’t find out the plan. Bob Gatez said:

America Is Preparing For Cyber War

NSA Director Keith Alexander, 3 stars general is expected to be named for the new head of the newly formed Cyber Command. He is not satisfied of the possibilities of the momentary defense structure when it comes to the cyber security, so the new command is necessary.