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Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush in the new James Bond movie

Mara CarfagnaHollywood is on the run. The new movie project is unbelievable and full with myths and disinformation. The newest Hollywood project will be the most expensive movie in the history of the cinematography and will cost close to one billion American dollars. The project will be based on the idea which engineers are calling a reverse engineering. In the past movie stars were becoming politicians. Ronald Regan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood are just a few movie stars which continued with a career in the world of politics.
The newest Hollywood project will offer to the current famous politicians and public figures a chance to start careers as actors.
The project will be the newest James Bond movie and the investors are waiting in the row to invest their money.
In this moment the whole project and the script is kept in the biggest secrecy. We manage to get a place in the favored stripper club of Michael G. Wilson, the producer and managing director of this project and we have some pieces of information about this new movie. Mr. Wilson and a few of his closest associates were discussing about the team which will play in this movie. There are few names that are in favor for the role of James Bond. One of them is John Gard from Wisconsin, Andrew Rice from Oklahoma and the mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom. There are some thoughts that the new James Bond do not need to be a white Caucasian. For any case an Afro-American Anthony Brown is on the list too.
George W. Bush
Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
Vladimir Putin
Surprisingly the list for the female partners for the new James Bond is a little bit shorter. The biggest sensation is the Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, which now is running for a president. This decision will drive fifty million dollars just from the Ukrainian movie theaters. The list continues with Mara Carfagna, member of Chamber of Deputies (Campania 2) and the Minister for Equal Opportunity in Italy and Ruby Dhalla, member of the Canadian House of Commons. If Mara Carfagna is playing the James Bond hotie the movie will earn unbelievable 250 million dollars just in Italy! We do not like the Canadian girl and probably she is last on the list with earnings from Canada of just fifteen million dollars.
The roles of the bad guys are offered to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He already expressed a big enthusiasm for the role and we completely understand him because as little bird told us that for this role he will get 25 million dollars. The other bad guy in the movie will be Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi. He will play a cheap crook and macro. He already asked for the same money as Putin. George W. Bush will play the role of a stupid CIA guy and his friend Dick Cheney will be playing the role of Putin partner in crime and notorious South African financial mogul who like to put his hands on the white slave trade and adult industry in the whole world.
Even this early in the project, people who have information about are predicting that the movie will earn more than five billions dollars for the next two years in the movie theaters around the world.

From California for WC News,
Laura Bukowski