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Vladimir Putin didn’t like his portrait as a woman!

The portrait of Vladimir PutinDo you think you have an artistic talent and one of these days you may become a famous artist and painter? This was exactly how the Russian painter Alexander Shednov – Shurik was thinking. He just needed something witch will launch him from the anonymity to the celebrity status.
He solves the last problem by painting Putin as the woman with a long hair, large sluttish earrings and tight low cut dress. But on the other side Vladimir Putin is trying to make an image for himself like a strong leader and frequently poses for photographs.

Vladimir Putin fishing
Vladimir Putin hunting

This work of art brought the Russian secret service (FSB) to his front door. Took them full seven hours “to express their view and criticism” for his art!

Mr. Alexander Shednov – Shurik had a plan to put the portrait on the main administrative building in Voronezh, his home city. He also chooses a day for this event, the Russian Independence Day. He claims that this art adventure is an act of protest against Mr. Putin who is planning to go back in Kremlin for the third presidential term. With this painting he was trying to get more attention from the Russian people. Instead that the biggest attention he got from the FSB, Russian Secret Service – former KGB.

In the top left corner of the picture there is writing on Russian which means: “Oh I don’t know – a third Presidential term? It is a bit too much….on the other hand, three is a charm.”

Mr. Shednow will be accused for an inappropriate behavior. His friends who were in his apartment as the sign of support were witnessing a search done by the local police and other security authorities.
The critics of the current regime in Russia are saying that this is proving that the freedom in Russia doesn’t exist, or the freedom exists if you can resist the “criticism.” :)

For WC News from Moscow,
Igor Rostotsky