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We hired a psychic to talk with a George Clooney’s dead pig Max

Pirelli Calendar 2010 hot photos behind the sceneMax died 3 years ago and it was the favored George Clooney pet. Max was a black pig and the full name was Max the Star. Recently Mr. George Clooney hired a psychic to establish a connection with the soul of his favored pet which was his companion in the last 18 years.
We had a small talk with the father from our local church and he told us that something is wrong with the whole story. He called the other Padre which is an expert for the souls. As an expert for souls the other Padre (from our local Church) told us that this is nonsense because animals do not have a soul and according to that they do not have a life after the death.
This information left us in disbelieves!

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Did Mr. Clooney is just fooling around with the whole world including the media or the Church dogmas are not entirely truth?
There was only one way to resolve this dilemma. We decide to hire the psychic and to check Mr. George Clooney story.
Our psychics confess to us that he did not have a previous experience with an animals but he promised that he will do anything in his power. He decides the whole event to be done in the middle of the week in Wednesday. He explained something about the stars order and the equilibrium of the energy but we do not understand that at all…
We start early after the dusk and after a few minutes our medium informed us that he have a connection with Max. We asked a few questions and basically the pig told us almost the same info as Mr. Clooney told to other news agencies, which was completely happy with that.
But Max also told us something that Mr. George Clooney did not share with other…
I was bored with George. He had all the fame and all the girls. He was bringing girls in OUR home all the time and he never brought some female pigs for me. Once I try to have a fun with one of the girls he brought but she start to scream and she escaped. I do not blame her. There are no many human females which like to spend a few hours with a 300lb black pig. Mr. Clooney also bothered me with his night talk while he was sleeping. He constantly was moaning some names like: Christopher, Patrick, Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin and some others which I do not remember any more.
Do not get me wrong. I am not bitching about. I had a great life with George.
Actually every pig life which is not ending in the slaughter house is great.
We completely agree with this PIG

For WC News from Los Angeles,
Emily Fresco