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Why drink and drive when you can drink and sail at home

ShipsDid you ever have a dream to quit your boring every day job and to do something more interesting? We are thinking about that every day, but we just wait for the right moment. In the meantime while we wait to win on the lotto and trying to clear the local gambling parlor, we are playing some games just to forget for a moment about our miserable lives. If you are one of us, the people who work in the supermarket, McDonalds or in the factory for the rubber ducks, we like to suggest some interesting break. Just add a small Google Earth plug-in and you can transform your office computer in the helmsman cabin. When your boss is out of office just launch “Ships” and you are ready to drive a whole bunch of ships. This simulation program is using a Google map data for the realistic gaming experience. As a helmsman of the ship by your choice you can enjoy in the realistic scenery from all over the world. You can choose to be a helmsman for a river barge, a Chinese transport ship, tanker or even a Queen Mary 2.
The Golden Gate Bridge
Here we have arrived in Manhattan, New York USA
A photo opportunity in front of down town San Francisco
The game by default is starting in the small cabin of the river barge situated in the port of Rotterdam in Holland. Some of the ships which you can see from the window you can also drive later in the game. As the curiosity the airship Hindenburg is there too.
If you do not like to full around in the small river barge, you can choose a Queen Mary 2. With this 30 knots fast ship you can reach New York in less than 5 days. If you do not have a 5 days just double click anywhere on the map and you will be teleported there in a second.
“Ships” is case study and technological demonstrator for the much bigger game which will be developed when the company will secure some outside investment.
The best way to show off “Ships” is of course playing it here.

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall