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About us

            Established in the grand year of 1817, WC News continues to be one of the fastest growing news and entertainment publishers on the Internet today. WC News has not only influenced the way that millions of enthusiasts read about news and public updates, but also has become a hub for national networks and a tool for citing today’s happening news and entertainment worldwide.


           WC News provides unique perspectives on the insanity and chuckles of today’s harsh cultural trends, entertainment and injustices. With each passing year it has grown an involved team of dedicated, intelligent individuals that are set on delivering the best WC News opinions on the most current and up-to-date topics on the web. Our loyal readers continue to amplify and allow WC News to push through the thousands of unique visitors that they receive daily. WC News is everyone’s leading destination for the latest captivating photos, jaw-dropping videos and all-around worldwide entertainment that humans have to offer.


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