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London – The Beer Drinking Capital of Europe

There is no other country in the world with a greater pub gathering tradition than London. As a city is one of the most vibrant and exciting on the planet – a real metropolis of people, ideas and frenetic energy. It is also a global capital of culture, music, education, fashion, politics, finance and trade. […]

The City of Melbourne, Australia is the most livable city in the world!

The citizens of Melbourne, Australia have one reason more to be satisfied living in Melbourne. The latest rating of The Economist Intelligence Unit (later in text as EIU), in their regular rating of the major cities in the world for the most livable have listed Melbourne on the first place for 2012. In top 10 […]

Devoted father competes In Triathlons carrying his daughter

“She is my heart and I am her legs,” says one devoted father Rick van Beek, from Byron Center, MI. Participating in more than 70 outdoor events including, but certainly not limited to, triathlons and half-marathons; ‘Team Maddy’ pushes through. Madison, or ‘Maddy’ as her family calls her, was diagnosed with

The ‘invisible’ inflatable bike helmet

“To people like us, who wouldn’t be seen dead in a polystyrene helmet, the thought that we might be forced to wear one by law was cause for concern,” Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin say in a post on their site. “Producing a bicycle helmet that people would be happy to put on looked like […]

Angsana Velavaru Resort – The adorable miniature “Turttle Island”

Angsana Resort & Spa Maldives Velavaru is definitely a summer destination for a life time of memories! This very small, adorable island called Velavaru (which means “Turtle Island” in Dhivehi, the national language of Maldives) is surrounded with sand beaches, beautiful turquoise-blue water where the sky connects

The House of Pleasure – designed by Metropole Architects

This impressive house called “SGNW House” was designed by Metropole Architects. Whenever you are located within this house is designed for you to stay in a beautiful and cool surrounding with Koi ponds, rim-flow swimming pools which actually flowing in the house and going out into the forest! The main bedroom

Skydiving Sensation: Breaking the Vertical World Skydiving Record

138 Skydiving experts from all around the world made their way to Chicago, Illinois to break the Vertical World Skydiving Record. With 15 attempts in three days, these 138 skydiving extraordinaries managed to create a snowflake formation over Ottawa (a city about 80 miles southwest of Chicago, IL).

The very first photography ever will be exposed for public

Before you get upset and start whining, because your smartphone with 10 megapixel camera is not making good enough pictures and you want new smartphone with 15 megapixel, think about the first photography, that was ever made with a camera. The guy who made that photography, took him eight hours of light

Constance Moofushi Resort Maldives – Ideal place for summer vacation

In case you still haven’t decided where to go for summer vacation, we are here to help you out. The Maldives are always considered as an outstanding place for summer vacation. For the most travelers Maldives is one of the top 5 desirable places for the summer. When we are talking about Maldives it is

Five true and right friends is all you need for a happy life!

We all know that the friends are very important in our life. Well…almost all. Some people are comparing the need of their friends with the air and the water, and some other are more introvert but all of them will agree; We all need true friends! The latest research of the Nationwide Building Society

WC News’ Best 7 Places to Travel for the Summer

Although it is known that most wedding events happen in the summertime, it really is not the best time for a romantic getaway. During the July and August periods, most Westerners are vacation bound. Typically, however, the most desired vacation summer spots have high prices

Summer travel tip – Overnight Rainforest Adventure

Are you looking for one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences that life has to offer? Tired of the usual beach summers offers? How would you feel about spending 24 hours in the rainforest? A journey to the rainforest would include intense humidity and extreme heat, insect bites to the most inconvenient places on