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Samsung presented their largest LED TV – Samsung UN75ES9500

Samsung recently in New York introduced their 75 inches LED TV, Samsung UN75ES9500, which is the largest and the best yet LED TV that this company will have on the market. This 75-inch TV comes with LED, Smart TV, active 3D technology and is based on two new technologies, Samsung’s Precision Black Local

Rumors or soon new iPad on the market – mini iPad from Apple?

After Microsoft and Google revealed their products in the Tablet PC category where Apple is ruling, according the Bloomberg agency, Apple apparently will respond with 7 inches iPad. Right now, Apple is offering on the market only 9.7 inches iPads, which cost $200 more than Nexus 7. The new iPad from

Through the Futuristic Reality of Google Glasses

Google is at it again; a hands-free computer that does everything from texting, browsing the Internet, to instantly sending photos to all of your social networks. “How is it possible to do all of these things and the device still remain hands-free,” you ask? In 2014, Google plans to release the new Google glasses to […]

College students hijack non pilot aircraft for a bet!

How would you like to take a dare from the US Department of Homeland Security and attempt to hijack a fully equipped drone? For a cheap bet of $1,000 in parts, an eager team of researchers from the University of Texas in Austin did just that. With this dare being willingly accepted, the challenge that […]

Cybertecture mirror – a new technology surprise

Almost all of us, especially those belonging to the fair sex simply enjoy spending most of their time in front of the mirror, analyzing their every single little flaw before an important appointment. Well, if you keep complaining to your friends how your teenage daughter is spending ages in front of the mirror, now it […]

Motorola droid – powerful online gambling platform

If you like to gamble during your ride in the buss or a train do not worry anymore. Motorola and Verizon had to offer something revolutionary new (that’s what they say). The big revolutionary news is the new Droid. Droid is a new smart phone from Motorola powered by

The aircraft Icon A5 – Science fiction into reality

Not so long ago, having an aircraft in your garage, piloting and having fun with an aircraft when the weather is good or becoming a pilot for just two weeks was a science fiction. Today, thanks to the new regulation changes that includes new Light Sport Aircraft category and especially thanks to the ICON

Sony Walkman A840 with OLED display and 16 to 64GB memory

Sony will enrich their offer of mp3 players with new Walkman A840, announced for October. The best thing about this new Sony Walkman is that it comes with fabulous 2.8 inches, 720 x 480 pixels OLED display. What is significant advantage of OLED displays over wildly used LSD displays at this

Is your drink real poison or just poison?

You are waking in the morning and you have a terrible headache, and last night you had only few whisky shots. You start asking yourself if the bottle of whisky you bought is original. Now there is solution for your problem, not for your headache but for detection of the veracity of your beverage.

Only takes 1 minute to crack the WPA wireless network encryption

Nothing is unbreakable but only 60 seconds? Come on! But let’s start from beginning. Japanese duo Toshihiro Ohigashi and Masakatu Morii researchers not musicians have found a way to break the encryption of data sent over Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) in about 1 minute. It was not so long ago when

Aircraft with unlimited endurance and usage

Maybe it looks like some aliens technology but we are not talking about UFO here. This is Odysseus, solar powered aircraft designed to accomplish complex mission, to sustained uninterrupted flight for over five years at altitudes of 60,000 feet (18 000 meters) – 90,000 feet (27 000 meters).

Nokia N900 – A computer in a body of a mobile phone (Video)

Nokia and officially have presented their new smart phone N900. When we are talking about hi class smart phones usually we say “it has everything”. Looking at the technical specifications, Nokia N900 does have everything. No doubt this is the best smart phone produced by Nokia, and it have to be, because with