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Motorola droid – powerful online gambling platform

If you like to gamble during your ride in the buss or a train do not worry anymore. Motorola and Verizon had to offer something revolutionary new (that’s what they say). The big revolutionary news is the new Droid. Droid is a new smart phone from Motorola powered by

“New” mobile phone from Samsung and Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani and Samsung with united forces have presented a new mobile phone. This is third in line smartphone that came from the cooperation between Armani and Samsung. This time and Microsoft was included in the making of the new Samsung phone labeled as Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani. The

Nokia N900 – A computer in a body of a mobile phone (Video)

Nokia and officially have presented their new smart phone N900. When we are talking about hi class smart phones usually we say “it has everything”. Looking at the technical specifications, Nokia N900 does have everything. No doubt this is the best smart phone produced by Nokia, and it have to be, because with

With united forces to more than just a Smartphone!

The world’s largest chip maker Intel and the world’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia announce “long-term strategic partnership” to create an open standard for a new mobile computing platform built upon Linux-based operating systems. This long term partnership between these giants is not

“New” iPhone 3G S

John Lennon was singing – All we need is love, and most of the people around the world are screaming – All we need is to make a phone call and send a SMS. If you are one of this people do not read anymore. If by any case you need more features from your […]