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Erotic Picture Gallery of Monica Bellucci

OK. You have voted for your favorite and we deliver! Although before we made the poll we already have decided to publish erotic gallery of every celebrity listed on the poll of course without Sarah Palin (not that she is not hot, but sadly she doesn’t have erotic photos. If she ever decide to make […]

WC News Presents: Manuela Arcuri – Italian Actress and Model

Italian mediums since 2000 are obsessed with this beauty. Their obsession is contagious and now we are obsessed with her too. Although she has many talents her biggest trump card is eye visible! She is beautiful, very sexy and have the most beautiful natural breast in Italy (she and officially have the title “The best […]

Keira Knightley – Provocative photos for new Coco Chanel commercial

Last time when we checked Keira Knightley she was flat as a surfing board. But in her new provocative shot for Chanel perfume Keira Knightley is remarkably buxom. For her fans she is explaining that she did not make any breasts enlargement surgery, but the slightly sized chests on the commercials and movie posters are

WC News Music Hit of the Week – Fuck You Very Much (Video)

WC News music hit for this week is Lily Allen with her song Fuck You. This song is banned in most countries, you can guess why and there is some new Radio edit version (censored version). But as always we will stick to the original. Some “experts” claims that this song is direct attack against […]

“Do it yourself” by Owe Ommer – Very original and very Erotic

The new book of Owe Ommer – “Do it yourself” with his photographs for sure is very unique, very erotic, very sensual…how can’t be when you will find tons beautiful women without or with very little clothes on them! The book actually is not very new because is published in 2007, it was new for […]

LaTasha Marzolla! A glamour model and kickboxer!

2000 was the year when we hear for LaTasha Marzolla for the first time. Back then she was discovered by Playboy at an open model casting in Las Vegas the gambling capitol of the world. In the last 9 years she made a long way. She did three covers, couple of dozens of pictorials and […]

Catia Rocha – the hottest soccer fan in the world

Usually girls are not among the greatest soccer fans but that is not a case with the beautiful and cute and lovely and sexy, and so long… ladies and gentlemen: CATIA ROCHA! She is a real proof that soccer fans are not just hooligans and she also wants to prove that soccer is women sport […]