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Aspid Invictus GT-21 – A new supercar from Spain

It is OK if you haven’t heard about Aspid Invictus but most probably you will hardly forget it. It is a kind of super car that even Batman would love to add to his collection of Betmobiles! There isn’t too much information provided by the engineering company IFR automotive about their super car, Aspid Invictus.

Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 Spider is the new family member of 458 Italia. The official presentation of this Ferrari will be in the Frankfurt Auto Show which will be held from September 15 to September 25. What we can say about this roadster when the pictures are telling everything and the performance of the Ferrari was

Salute To The Cars – new rule for the China students

Luolang Elementary School is one of the thousands schools in China where the good manners are essential for the young students. Wash your hands after using a toilet, raise your hand if you like to ask or to talk with your teacher, take your seat before the bell ring, do not run in the school, […]

Tokyo Motor Show without cars but with beautiful girls

Tokyo Motor Show is not interesting anymore – that is the opinion of the biggest car makers of the world. This year Tokyo Motor Show is a lonely place. Most of the biggest automakers in the world did not show up, in the most interesting and one of the most important Auto (Motor) Shows on […]

Spurned woman selling her husband Porsche dirty cheap

Angry wife, who caught her husband cheating on her with a barely 17 year-old babysitter in his new Porsche, have decided to take a revenge and to hit him to the place that she thought will hurt him the most! The spurned woman, from Solihull, England, put the Porsche on internet for only 2000 pounds […]

The most expensive Rolls Royce “Star of India” on auction

The unique Roll Royce, the “Star of India” was built for the Maharajah of Rajkot. The one-off 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom will go on auction on 15 September for €10,000,000 ($14 600 000). No need to say that this is the most expensive car at all. This Rolls Royce is expected to be sold for around

Electric cars soon will be more than just a future “Maybe” plan!

When we are talking about the auto industry and making electric cars, the moment of the true is here. After USA, Great Britain and France, now and Germany is coming with a plan that will arise and will speed up the process of transition in making electric cars instead cars with internal combustion.

Peugeot 308 RC Z – Coupe concept

Peugeot 308 RC Z and officially was presented few weeks before the Frankfurt Auto Show although the presentation was announces for that auto show! Maybe it looks familiar to you and that is because Peugeot 308 RC Z already was presented 3 years ago as a concept car with different name Peugeot 907 but

Aston Martin Cygnet or how to design a small car for just 10 seconds!

The famous factory for super sports and luxury cars Aston Martin is going in totally different direction! We hope that the new James Bond will be only 150 cm tall (59 inches) because otherwise he won’t be able to fit into the new Aston Martin! It’s not joke although it sound like a biggest joke […]

New Humvee for the Military

The 20 year old workhorse of the Military is finally going to have a replacement. This month Pentagon issued a “Request for Proposals” to all suppliers. The current High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle – HMMWV model M998 was very successful model and served good in more than 50 military’s

World’s Most Expensive Furious Cars just got cheaper

The most expensive car in the world at this moment is 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe. This information is right but in the same time is wrong. The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe is not considered as a car anymore but more as the engineering piece of perfection and art. If you like to rest […]

Fornasari RR99 – Italian charm, American muscles

Do you know Italy is a country with the most car manufactories? There have been more than a hundred! Most of them don’t existing today; thru the years some of the brands die but new stars were born! One of those stars for sure is Fornasari! Fornasari is an Italian car manufacturer that was created […]