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“New” mobile phone from Samsung and Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani and Samsung with united forces have presented a new mobile phone. This is third in line smartphone that came from the cooperation between Armani and Samsung. This time and Microsoft was included in the making of the new Samsung phone labeled as Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani. The

The smallest Gold gun in the world is “shooting” with diamonds

The Swiss company SwissMiniGun have produced functional (with all the same features as are found on a real size gun) mini revolver with only 5.5 cm (2.1 inches), which makes this gun the smallest in the world, now and officially confirmed by Guinness World Records!

Vending Machines for Gold Installed In Germany

At the main railway station in Germany, Frankfurt, an ATM machine selling tiny gold bars. The idea was borne out during the crisis and the popular demand these days making gold a safer investment. About 59 tons of gold bars and gold coins were sold first quarter of the current year in Germany. The