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Felix Baumgartner ready to Break Sound Barrier skydiving!

Felix Baumgartner is 43 old Austrian skydiver and a BASE jumper with over 2500 jumps from planes, helicopters but also from skyscrapers and similar tall structures. He have the world record for the highest parachute jump, when he jumped from the PETRONAS Towers in Malaysia and also he claimed

Have you ever wonder what is the smell of space?!

In case you was wondering what is the smell of space you are in the right place to find out. The astronauts who have gone on spacewalks they can’t smell the space because of their space suits but upon getting inside in the space station they can smell their helmets, cloves, suits and the odor […]

Culinary Space Food That We Will Eat on Mars

“I will never go to Mars, but I hope they’ll be eating my recipes,” says Jean Hunter, a biological engineering who assisted in the manufacturing process of Pop Rocks. Hunter and a carefully chosen elite crew are working to explore various dehydrated space food recipes that they can make taste more exceptional

WC News is going on MARS 2011!

Do you want your name to be on MARS! Now you have a unique opportunity! The next mission of NASA will be 2011 when NASA will lunch to Mars a Science Laboratory rover who will caring a microchip with the names of everyone who wants to participate! We already enter the name of our highly […]