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Bikini from 15th century was discovered in old castle in Austria

Because of the today’s stereotypes about the medieval period you would never guess how at the end of the medieval period, the women underwear was looking like. Can you believe that the women in the 15th century were wearing sexy underwear or something very similar to the Bikini! Ok, maybe we wouldn’t

Seventeen Magazine Commits No Longer Photoshopping their Models

Thanks to a brave 14-year-old Maine girl leading the way of a protest against altered photos in Seventeen Magazine, the company has now made a commitment to stop. Ann Shoket, top editor of Seventeen Magazine, has made promises to leave body shapes as-is, and only using Photoshop for out-of-place hair,

Victoria Beckham collection 2011 – photos

Victoria Beckham have transformed her glamorous style with the last handbags collection that is special designed for this autumn / winter 2011 collection. A lot of girls will appreciate her hard work to designed this collection for her modern line especially because her recent pregnancy obviously wasn`t an obstacle for her.

Female orgasm and everything you want to know about it

Thanks to the valued neuroscientists from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey today we have more “clear” view from “inside” about the female orgasm. The team of scientists in order to explore the orgasm, they have been witness to more than 200 live-action female orgasms in their lab!

Salma Hayek thinks that she doesn’t have hot body

The famous Hollywood actress from Mexico, Salma Hayek was full with self-criticism when she was talking about her body. She was trying to convince us that she doesn’t have beautiful body and that she is not as hot as she looks on the movies. As she explain is all about acting, and the “sexy” roles […]

WC News Presents: Manuela Arcuri – Italian Actress and Model

Italian mediums since 2000 are obsessed with this beauty. Their obsession is contagious and now we are obsessed with her too. Although she has many talents her biggest trump card is eye visible! She is beautiful, very sexy and have the most beautiful natural breast in Italy (she and officially have the title “The best […]

Noemi Letizia – This girl knows how to have fun!

Do you remember Noemi Letizia? Her name was mentioned in one of the affairs of the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his famous parties and after parties’. 🙂 However, besides the stories of Italian press about her and the Silvio Berlusconi we didn’t have any chance to know her closely. Well…

Carmen Electra’s face is losing the battle V.S her tits

On the pictures of Carmen Electra taken in the last couple of months in the different places and occasions, including her vacation in Chile, we have a chance to see her without any make up and we have to say, her face needs to take some advice from her boobs, because they still look great.

Are You Ready to Die Tomorrow for Healthy Look Today?

In the last years health experts are warning about the dangers from use of solarium (tanning bed) and unnatural tanning. But most of the people who care for their appearance are dismissing all science information about this issue. Actually many statistical results are showing that even

“Do it yourself” by Owe Ommer – Very original and very Erotic

The new book of Owe Ommer – “Do it yourself” with his photographs for sure is very unique, very erotic, very sensual…how can’t be when you will find tons beautiful women without or with very little clothes on them! The book actually is not very new because is published in 2007, it was new for […]

The sexiest celebrities women after 50 – PART2

We like to mention they are all random displayed; there is no first and last place! It’s very hard to be done that because they are all FABULOUS! The dream of every man on this planet, Michelle Pfeiffer! Michelle was born in Santa Ana, California, April 29, 1958. She was the most desirable woman

The sexiest celebrities women after 50 – PART1

The sexiest celebrities’ women after 50 according WC News. Our light motif for doing this list was the resent PETA contest for the sexiest VEGA women after 50 but this contest doesn’t include the celebrities! We thought that is not fair for the celebrities so we did our own list. We have no idea if […]