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“The French people deserve bigger than their current leader”

Probably you know about the biggest complex of the French President Sarkozy. If you accidently don’t know, the President of France, Mr. Sarkozy doesn’t feel comfortable when he is smallest guy in the room. The mediums constantly are making jokes about that and of course Nikola Sarkozy is helping as much as

I don’t need sex – The government fucks me every day!

I don’t need sex; my government fucks me every day! A T-shirt with this inscription was wearing a cameraman during a press conference of the Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor. When she (the Croatian Prime Minister) notices the cameraman with the t-shirt and than… DRAMA!

Lost in Translation or “Political Cornish Hug”

She is mature woman and I told her that she is like teen girl. I do not know why Mrs. Clinton got that as an insult is a statement of the North Korean Diplomat about the big misunderstanding which happened at a meeting of Southeast Asian nations in Phuket, Thailand. Personally I thing that she […]

Honduran Chancellor Ortez will enter into the Guinness Records

We have no idea if the Honduran Chancellor Enrique Ortez was trying to enter into the Guinness Book of Records by offending as much colleges and countries as he can during one interview but somehow he manage to offend the President Barack Obama, the Spanish premier Jose Rodriguez and his neighboring

The fly killed by Mr. Obama was Hi-Tech fly property of WC News!

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Probably you are already informed about the President Obama fly kill. The important information you do not know is that the fly was not a fly but state of the art nano-tech camera and microphone owned by our respected WC News information agency. We piloted our nano-tech

Start voting! Who have the biggest balls!? T-shirt for the winner!!!

OK people, You can START voting! Vote for your favorite, or your favorites. That’s mean you can choose more than one. The voting is limited to 5 votes! That should be enough to express your will! You can’t find more liberal democracy than here at WC News! We can’t wait to see who you think […]