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Aspid Invictus GT-21 – A new supercar from Spain

It is OK if you haven’t heard about Aspid Invictus but most probably you will hardly forget it. It is a kind of super car that even Batman would love to add to his collection of Betmobiles! There isn’t too much information provided by the engineering company IFR automotive about their super car, Aspid Invictus.

1928 Mercedes-Benz S Type Sports Tourer was found in a Barn

Very rare model of Mercedes from 1928, Mercedes-Benz S Type Sports Tourer was found in a barn, where it was for more than 60 years. The cars was purchased at the end of 1920 and it was in property of one family all the time. In 1950 the owner of this beautiful sport car decided […]

Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 Spider is the new family member of 458 Italia. The official presentation of this Ferrari will be in the Frankfurt Auto Show which will be held from September 15 to September 25. What we can say about this roadster when the pictures are telling everything and the performance of the Ferrari was

Arrinera – Super sport car coming from Poland!

Arrinera is the name of the new super sport car that comes from Poland. The attractive appearance of this super car conquers at first sight. But Arrinera have more than just a good look! For the top performance is in charge the 640 hp V8 engine and like from the Arrinera automotive are saying, it […]

Tokyo Motor Show without cars but with beautiful girls

Tokyo Motor Show is not interesting anymore – that is the opinion of the biggest car makers of the world. This year Tokyo Motor Show is a lonely place. Most of the biggest automakers in the world did not show up, in the most interesting and one of the most important Auto (Motor) Shows on […]

New Humvee for the Military

The 20 year old workhorse of the Military is finally going to have a replacement. This month Pentagon issued a “Request for Proposals” to all suppliers. The current High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle – HMMWV model M998 was very successful model and served good in more than 50 military’s

4 year-old-kid hit by a car in weird car accident in Turkey! (Video)

The whole case was filmed by the security camera. The 4 year kid on the street in Sanliurfa, Turkey gets hit by the car. The kid is unharmed and can be seen standing up and going out of the camera angle with crying. Later his father informs the officials that his son is not harmed […]

GM’s SAAB is next in the line after Hummer and Opel

As a part of General Motors, SAAB also becomes a car company with unsecured future. The help come from the other Swedish car maker called Koenigsegg, a boutique producer of small series of cars. The word Koenigsegg means the king balls. This company starts as the producer of the protection equipment and the

WARTBURG will save OPEL from the crises!?

OPEL is considering revamping the old and notoriously known car brand Wartburg. The recession is hard for everyone in the auto industry and all of them are working on a rescue plans. In GM must have been really desperate because their plan for saving Opel is with a name WARTBURG. Probably most of you

A British student Sara Watson has created an Invisible Car

Did you notes anything wired in this photo? Sara has created an invisible car, three weeks painting the car to perfectly blend it into its environment. It was a project at University of Central Lancashire where the 22-year-old Sara is a student. She has spray painted the car smartly to match with the car park […]