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A controversial sex therapy very popular in California

A controversial sex therapy is becoming more and more popular in USA for solving serious sexual issues and also there is more and more sex therapist or if you prefer sex SURROGATES. The sex therapy or the sex with the surrogate is helping to a lot of people with a sexual problem like the

His dream come truth – Hired to impregnate a neighbors wife!

Demetrius Copulas (by the way his name means copulation, which we find very ironic); a naturalized German of Greek origin hired his neighbor Frank Maus to make his wife pregnant. Demetrius and his wife Trauta (former Miss Greece) after a few years trying to have a baby realized that Demetrius is sterile.

A thief raped 3 days in the raw by female hairdresser

The best examples that in Russia everything is hard are the latest news received in our redaction. In the city of Kaluga, central Russia, an armed thief went to hairdressing saloon with a plan to make armed robbery. But the busy and quiet hairdresser girl, instead to obey the armed man and give the money, […]