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Be the face of your country and have fun!

It’s time to update your music collection. The new fresh sound is coming from Belgium. Have you ever heard about the pop rock band Palomine? No? Shame on you! Just kidding; well…since recently neither we but now we have all their songs in our mp3 players.

A great story may save your life! (Video)

For the most commercials on TV we can say are boring, and some are even anti-commercials. Very rare you can see really funny and entertaining commercial that you want to see it again. This one is one of those, and is made by BETC Euro RSCG agency for the French TV, Canal Plus, which is […]

Michael Jackson is alive? (Video)

Although there are 2 months after his dead, all conspiracy, talking, legends…about his life and his dead are not slowing down. The last in the row is that he is actually alive and some videos that circling on internet should confirm that! After the dead of the legendary King of the Pop Michael Jackson every […]

Nokia Notebook – Booklet 3G

Nokia is satisfied with the top position among the mobile phones manufacturers. Now Nokia is aiming a Netbook and Notebook market and they plan to make a big entry with a style. The new windows based Netbook is a stylish Booklet 3G. Nokia Booklet 3G looks like an Apple notebook but there is a PC […]

UFOs transported through Dallas or just a big show for the people?

It is UFO or not? This is the main debate on internet lately! A lot of “dust” about the new video on YouTube in Dallas! Before we publish this information we tried to find out more about this but without any success, no one wants to speak about it. And no one knows anything!?!?

Booo! Great compilation of funny scary moments! (Videos)

Great compilation of scary moments, but don’t worry, you will be laughing all the time! Its weekend and we was thinking what is the best way to start a weekend. We all agree in WC News, the best way is to start with a Smile, Be Positive, and have Positive Thoughts! These videos will help […]

Forrest Gump, SSSR and United Arabian Emirates (3 videos)

Forrest Gump, SSSR and United Arabian Emirates. Sounds funny? It is 🙂 But what they have in common? Well…they are all amazing dancers, hmm…almost all! Let’s Dance. 3 super dance videos. Enjoy! 🙂 We are sure that you still remember Forrest Gump and the scene where he is jogging.

A Father Deliver Baby Following YouTube Instructions

Marc Stephens a 28-year-old Royal Navy air engineer, from England, managed to deliver his baby son after watching instructions on YouTube. The couple had wanted to have the birth at home but for sure not like this! For WC News Mr. Stephens said: “I rang the