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Journey Across Continents: Unveiling the Top 5 Wonders of the World

Embark on a global adventure as we unveil the most awe-inspiring and magnificent wonders that captivate the hearts and minds of travelers worldwide. From ancient marvels to modern architectural feats, these top 5 wonders

Interesting facts that you probably don’t know!

Here are some interesting facts about animals, people and everyday life stuff that most people don’t know. – The camel is a world-famous animal that can live longest without water; however, the mouse can survive entirely without water the longest time. The camels believed or not are on 3rd place after Giraffes!

The world famous wisdom of Socrates and his Triple Filter Test!

Socrates was an ancient philosopher and he was considered as a very wise man, a man beyond his time. He is well know as a teacher of the Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia. He developed many principles and one of them was his Test of Three or Triple Filter Test! One day a […]

How many camels is your girlfriend worth?

If ever decide to go to Egypt with your girlfriend to visit the pyramids or to other country in North Africa or the Arabian Peninsula, there is a big chance you will get a special offer for your girlfriend that you can’t refuse. Especially if your girlfriend is really hot, the local guys immediately will […]

A great story may save your life! (Video)

For the most commercials on TV we can say are boring, and some are even anti-commercials. Very rare you can see really funny and entertaining commercial that you want to see it again. This one is one of those, and is made by BETC Euro RSCG agency for the French TV, Canal Plus, which is […]

Have fun with the genie of the lamp called Akinator

This site is pretty cool for killing some time and having fun with your friends. The genie of the lamp won’t grant you 3 wishes but can guess any celebrity you think of. Like singers, artists, historic heroes you name it and even can guess a character that is not a real! We have tried […]

Noemi Letizia – This girl knows how to have fun!

Do you remember Noemi Letizia? Her name was mentioned in one of the affairs of the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his famous parties and after parties’. 🙂 However, besides the stories of Italian press about her and the Silvio Berlusconi we didn’t have any chance to know her closely. Well…

If life gives you lemons make lemonade

We all know this say “If life gives you lemons make lemonade” but only few people know the meaning or can live their life like that. Here on these photos below you can see exactly the meaning of this say! After a big rain storm, some parts in one city in Russia were under the […]

World’s Dumbest Criminals

If all criminals are like these than we are safe from the crime! We make selection of the most funny, dumbest criminals. They are funnier than the most comedians bothering us on TV. Even if you already have seen some of these videos you will find it funny and watching it by second, third…time! Enjoy!

Monkey business (Video)

A silly monkey is enjoying too much in very deadly game. It’s very brave, very dangerous and very, very FUNNY! This cheeky monkey is driving crazy few tigers in the jungle. He is in the air, everywhere…hahahaha. Like the super hero “Flash” gibing them in any way he please! Very funny video!

Finally the one of the biggest mystery about crop circles is “solved”

The phenomenon about crop circles that appear in fields finally is solved by Australian scientists. For a very long time there are a big debates and a lot of controversial theories about the circles. Some people believes that appearing the circles on the fields is work of UFOs and Aliens, other believes that the Winds

Your help is needed for drawing penis!

Did you were a bad boy? Or a bad girl? Did you ever draw penis in your school book? Did your school teacher sent you in the corner for a writing an obscene pictures? If your answers on just one question is YES, than we have good news for you. From now on you can […]