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And the winner is: Jessica Chastain, the sexiest vegetarian celebrity!

Every year the organization for animal rights PETA is choosing the sexiest celebrity among the vegetarian celebrities. The winner for 2012 is the 35 years old great looking actress, Jessica Chastain. She had a role in many well know TV shows and movies likes: ER and Law & Order, the movie The Tree of Life […]

Victoria Beckham collection 2011 – photos

Victoria Beckham have transformed her glamorous style with the last handbags collection that is special designed for this autumn / winter 2011 collection. A lot of girls will appreciate her hard work to designed this collection for her modern line especially because her recent pregnancy obviously wasn`t an obstacle for her.

Be the face of your country and have fun!

It’s time to update your music collection. The new fresh sound is coming from Belgium. Have you ever heard about the pop rock band Palomine? No? Shame on you! Just kidding; well…since recently neither we but now we have all their songs in our mp3 players.

Salma Hayek thinks that she doesn’t have hot body

The famous Hollywood actress from Mexico, Salma Hayek was full with self-criticism when she was talking about her body. She was trying to convince us that she doesn’t have beautiful body and that she is not as hot as she looks on the movies. As she explain is all about acting, and the “sexy” roles […]

You can buy yourself a grandma on Ebay!

Zoe Pemberton, 10-year-old British girl while she was playing on her computer, was feeling a bit annoyed at being constantly asked to do something for her grandmother, Mrs. Goodall after returning from hospital treatment to a knee injury. So little Zoe decided to put her grandma on Ebay for 99 pennies.

Erotic Picture Gallery of Monica Bellucci

OK. You have voted for your favorite and we deliver! Although before we made the poll we already have decided to publish erotic gallery of every celebrity listed on the poll of course without Sarah Palin (not that she is not hot, but sadly she doesn’t have erotic photos. If she ever decide to make […]

Illiterate wolves have broke the law is Switzerland

Tree illiterate wolves have broke the law is Switzerland daring to kill more than 40 sheep in the Swiss cantons although the law is very clear and allowing them to kill only 35 sheep in 4 months, and maximum 25 sheep in 1 month for unprotected sheep and only 15 for protected sheep!

Carmen Electra’s face is losing the battle V.S her tits

On the pictures of Carmen Electra taken in the last couple of months in the different places and occasions, including her vacation in Chile, we have a chance to see her without any make up and we have to say, her face needs to take some advice from her boobs, because they still look great.

10 most expensive bands and musicians in the world!

If you are planning a wedding or a birthday and have a couple of millions pounds, you can spice up your party with some of the famous bands and musicians in the world. The most expensive band in the world which you can call to warm up your party is Rolling Stones.

Michael Jackson is alive? (Video)

Although there are 2 months after his dead, all conspiracy, talking, legends…about his life and his dead are not slowing down. The last in the row is that he is actually alive and some videos that circling on internet should confirm that! After the dead of the legendary King of the Pop Michael Jackson every […]

Keira Knightley – Provocative photos for new Coco Chanel commercial

Last time when we checked Keira Knightley she was flat as a surfing board. But in her new provocative shot for Chanel perfume Keira Knightley is remarkably buxom. For her fans she is explaining that she did not make any breasts enlargement surgery, but the slightly sized chests on the commercials and movie posters are

Inglourious Basterds – new movie by Quentin Tarantino

The story of this great new movie by Quentin Tarantino is all about revenge and fear. A small group of Jewish-American soldiers led by Lt. Aldo Raine or Aldo the Apache (Brad Pitt), are chosen to scalp and brutally kill the Nazis. This small group is known as “Inglorious bustards” or simply The Bustards. The […]