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The Pyrenean Ibex Gone Extinct, Twice

The Pyrenean Ibex is an animal similar to the goat or a ram. On January 6, 2000 the last Ibex, Celia, was found dead. Extinction of the Pyrenean Ibex is unknown but has been presumed that extinction arose from the inability to compete with other species for food. Others suggest that it is possible disease […]

Illiterate wolves have broke the law is Switzerland

Tree illiterate wolves have broke the law is Switzerland daring to kill more than 40 sheep in the Swiss cantons although the law is very clear and allowing them to kill only 35 sheep in 4 months, and maximum 25 sheep in 1 month for unprotected sheep and only 15 for protected sheep!

Monkey business (Video)

A silly monkey is enjoying too much in very deadly game. It’s very brave, very dangerous and very, very FUNNY! This cheeky monkey is driving crazy few tigers in the jungle. He is in the air, everywhere…hahahaha. Like the super hero “Flash” gibing them in any way he please! Very funny video!

WC News presents you Scooter – the smallest dog in the world!

A Tea Cup is like a nickname for all Maltese Puppies but this one is really big as tea cup! His name is Scooter and is tall only 3 inches (8 cm) almost one inch less than the current small dog recorder Boo Boo (Boo Boo is a long-haired chihuahua living in the US and […]

A dog “stoned” with marijuana start acting like a cat!

I was walking my dog in the park. He was running in the park like he usually do and then suddenly start making very strange sound something like cats are doing, it was unbelievable, and he desperately was trying to go up on the trees – said the owner of the black Labrador!

The Police was chasing in San Francisco a baby sea lion!

A little sea lion strayed on the streets of San Francisco was “walking” along California freeway. The baby sea lion apparently left the San Francisco Bay and it stuck on the freeway, right into rush hour traffic. The drivers in San Francisco was shocked when on the freeway was walking a little baby sea lion […]

Don’t fight with your mother. She can beat a LION!!!

It’s true and it happen in Canada 40 miles from Vancouver! A very brave Canadian mother was picking salmonberries with her three-year-old daughter, Maya Espinosa and then suddenly a mountain lion in full attack! The target was her daughter Maya! “It just flew straight towards her, jumped at

If you find a Snake at your working place who you going to call?

Did you ever have a Snake at your working place? And if you do, who you going to call? 911? But what if you are police officer? This just happened to the police forces from the Police station in the Gerihun town in Sierra Leone. Not one but more than 400 snakes had occupied this […]

Speedier than a jet fighter, even from a space shuttle!

No, it is not Superman or Chuck Norris. We are talking about the fastest bird on this planet! Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that the courtship dive of Anna’s hummingbird is 58 mph making it the fastest animal on earth. The Anna’s Hummingbird, which was named in the

30 feet long crocodiles in South Florida

In the past few months there are some unusual reports about the crocodiles and alligators on the wetlands and seashores of Florida. In this subtropical and on the south a real tropical state the number of the crocodiles has never been large. The American Institute for crocodilians (crocodilians is the term for both