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The House of Pleasure – designed by Metropole Architects

This impressive house called “SGNW House” was designed by Metropole Architects. Whenever you are located within this house is designed for you to stay in a beautiful and cool surrounding with Koi ponds, rim-flow swimming pools which actually flowing in the house and going out into the forest! The main bedroom

Constance Moofushi Resort Maldives – Ideal place for summer vacation

In case you still haven’t decided where to go for summer vacation, we are here to help you out. The Maldives are always considered as an outstanding place for summer vacation. For the most travelers Maldives is one of the top 5 desirable places for the summer. When we are talking about Maldives it is

“New” mobile phone from Samsung and Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani and Samsung with united forces have presented a new mobile phone. This is third in line smartphone that came from the cooperation between Armani and Samsung. This time and Microsoft was included in the making of the new Samsung phone labeled as Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani. The

The Most Expensive Perfume – Clive Christian No. 1 “Imperial Majesty”

If you like to make a real impression before your lady, buying expensive perfume will be the right choice. To do that you need to go to London and buy Clive Christian No. 1. You can do the same if you are living in New York, at Saks Fifth Avenue, and Clive Christian No. 1 […]

Nurai, Abu Dhabi – A breathtaking dream island

Nurai or Light Heaven is exactly what the name says, a natural island where you can find a fusion between the sky and the sea and they are all around you, an island where you can find your own private paradise. This island is northeast of Abu Dhabi’s city center and is in process of […]

The smallest Gold gun in the world is “shooting” with diamonds

The Swiss company SwissMiniGun have produced functional (with all the same features as are found on a real size gun) mini revolver with only 5.5 cm (2.1 inches), which makes this gun the smallest in the world, now and officially confirmed by Guinness World Records!

Kobe Bryant with his own series Swiss watches “Black Mamba”

The Black Mamba is a series Swiss watches of Nubeo, in honor of one of the best NBA players Kobe Bryant. As probably most of you know, Black Mamba is a Kobe Bryant’s nickname. Nubeo is planning to make limited-edition line of just 1,074 of the Kobe watches and some styles are

The most expensive and the most luxury hotel in Europe

Ok. We show you the less expansive and the less luxury hotel in Europe, but which is the most expensive and the most luxury hotel in Europe? That would be the grandiose “The Mardan Palace” just opened in Antalya, Turkish Riviera, where is the first five-star Destination Resort! The hotel is grandiose and