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Arielle Zuckerberg, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg, works for Google!

Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Arielle Zuckerberg now works for Google, for real! And if you think it can’t be more awkward than that, just keep reading. Apparently Google sees on Facebook like a threat and they are desperately trying to make matching social network. In that purpose Google acquires Wildfire

Shard London Tower – The biggest building in Europe

The skyscraper “Shard” or the “Shard London Tower” (also formerly known as London Bridge Tower) was opened to the public with a spectacular laser show. The skyscraper “Shard” financed by Sharia-Compliant Investment is the biggest building in Europe with 309.6 meters (1,016 ft) and 72 habitable

Hotel in the space with a great view to the Earth

Something that was a science fiction soon will be a reality. The Russian company Orbital technologies reviled their plans to build a commercial space station or if you prefer a hotel in the space. If for a long time the people were using the old say “I am going to mountain so I can rest […]

The most expensive property in the world

In the American state, Wyoming is located the most expensive property in the world. The ranch near the small town of Jackson Hole is offered on the market for a price of $ 175 million dollars. The ranch is localized in the valley surrounded by mountains and ravines and takes an area of nearly

Adidas and Puma have buried the hatches

The German mega sportswear companies Adidas and Puma have putted end of the long and insane tradition of rivalry and hate between these companies and people who are working in Adidas and Puma in the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach where both companies are based.

Keira Knightley – Provocative photos for new Coco Chanel commercial

Last time when we checked Keira Knightley she was flat as a surfing board. But in her new provocative shot for Chanel perfume Keira Knightley is remarkably buxom. For her fans she is explaining that she did not make any breasts enlargement surgery, but the slightly sized chests on the commercials and movie posters are

The New Erotic Coca Cola is coming!

If by any case you think that the regular milk is too boring for you, you may try the new carbonated milk based beverage by Coca-Cola. For this experience you need to live or to travel to New York, because in the first promotion phase this beverage will be offered only there.

Air New Zealand aircrew in body paint – Anything for the safety!

The company officials were frustrated because passengers did not read any of the safety manuals which were distributed in the airplanes. So they came with not very bright idea to make an instructional video which will be more interesting for the audience. We said not very bright idea because we were watching

Energy from human waste

A group of businessman’s from Washington show a big interest for The Russian Company “Cheloveckaja Energija” developer of a technology which is turning a human waste into energy! The whole idea is human waste to be collected, fats and oils to be extracted and to be used for a production of a biodiesel. The side

Kobe Bryant with his own series Swiss watches “Black Mamba”

The Black Mamba is a series Swiss watches of Nubeo, in honor of one of the best NBA players Kobe Bryant. As probably most of you know, Black Mamba is a Kobe Bryant’s nickname. Nubeo is planning to make limited-edition line of just 1,074 of the Kobe watches and some styles are

Vending Machines for Gold Installed In Germany

At the main railway station in Germany, Frankfurt, an ATM machine selling tiny gold bars. The idea was borne out during the crisis and the popular demand these days making gold a safer investment. About 59 tons of gold bars and gold coins were sold first quarter of the current year in Germany. The

Yahoo Had Rented 100 Goats, Google Rents 200 Goats

WC News story this time came from Google. As they are saying in their Official Google Blog the reason they rent the goats is because they want to clear weeds and brushes to reduce fire hazard and they doesn’t want to use noisy mowers that run on gasoline and pollute the air.