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Sensation: We will be able to survive without breathing!

It is amazing to think about some of the capabilities that we have come to in the 21st Century. A team at Boston Children’s Hospital has added one more to the list; particles that can be injected and allow a person to live without breathing. Granted, this medical discovery will only last 15 to 30 […]

Cycling bad for your health!?

All our life we were instructed that riding bicycle is a healthy activity. But recently a number of scientific studies are proving something else. The cycling is bad for your bones. Some of the top bicycle racers like Lance Armstrong and Christian Vande Velde suffered from broken bones.

A controversial sex therapy very popular in California

A controversial sex therapy is becoming more and more popular in USA for solving serious sexual issues and also there is more and more sex therapist or if you prefer sex SURROGATES. The sex therapy or the sex with the surrogate is helping to a lot of people with a sexual problem like the